Seven Mile News






The Seven Mile Creek watershed, located in Nicollet County and the Middle Minnesota River Basin, covers approximately 24,000 acres. The NABP team at the University of Minnesota is hosting and facilitating a multi-stakeholder engagement process to identify innovative policy, research, technology, and learning to promote economic, environmental, and community win-win-wins. Stakeholders engaged in the process include local producers, economic development agencies, conservation agencies, government, agricultural industry leaders, and others. 


Local stakeholders are shaping and driving a process that includes three phases. Phase one was an opportunity for stakeholders to learn from experts and each other about current issues and emerging trends in policy, markets, and technology that impact the agricultural economy, environment, and community. In Phase two stakeholders  developed and analyzed future scenarios based on the trends and observations they have identified. In Phase three stakeholders identified next steps. 


The NABP team at the University of Minnesota supports local stakeholders through facilitating and organizing the participation process, providing academic expertise in wide-ranging fields of study, and by connecting stakeholders to other resources in industry, government, and non-profit sectors.