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Kent Cavender-Bares Talks Early Seeding Cover Crops with ROWBOT

Kent describes this falls seeding trials with ROWBOT in his blog post, Laying down cover crop seed the ROWBOT way. "Last year's initial study, while not as rigorous as this year's suggested that less biomass results from later planting dates. That makes sense, and it is the reason we're working hard to commercialize the ROWBOT technology so that we can seed cover crops on millions of acres long before corn is harvested!" Read more and check out pictures from this year's seeding here.

Nick Jordan Featured on Minnesota Public Radio

"Farmers have long been finding ways to be more resilient to year-to-year weather changes. But now that the climate trends are clearer, some are advocating changes in what we grow. Diversifying the agricultural landscape is one of the best ways to make it more resilient to climate change, said Nick Jordan. He says the trick is to find crops that could both benefit the soil and farmers' pocketbooks." Read More

Nick Jordan Featured in International Innovation

The Forever Green Initiative, partner initiative to the Local Bioeconomy Collaborative, aims to support sustainable intensification of agriculture in Midwest USA by integrating new or improved fallow season and perennial crops into agricultural landscapes by generating "market pull". Read More